Thoughts On Lil Uzi’s New Album.

Thoughts On Lil Uzi’s New Album.

so… There was a lot of hype over this album whether it was on Instagram, twitter, YouTube… the list goes on. Needless to say this album got a shit ton of publicity.

“So with all that hype the album must’ve been good?”

Well actually. My opinion is that, it was definitely a good album. But did it live up to the publicity? I think there were a few good songs on the album such as P2, Baby Pluto, and even my way we’re great songs. But the rest of the songs were decent depending on who you ask.

“under promise, over deliver”

Tom Peters

Many say to under promise and over deliver, but is this good advice?

Well in the rap game (especially these days) publicity is key. With big artists constantly coming out with songs, albums, music videos and more, it’s hard to stand out. Even for popular artists like Lil uzi.

In conclusion this album didn’t quite live up to the publicity. Of course this is all an opinion. But based what I’ve heard from friends, family, classmates, and even celebrities. This is a pretty popular opinion.

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